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This post is very overdue! As you know I travel quite a bit – so far this year I’ve visited 7 countries and I have so many more trips planned for the next few months! (very exciting) When it comes to keeping all of you updated while I’m away I couldn’t do it without Three. They have super fast internet connection, great service and awesome tariffs. For all of my UK readers, when you’re travelling within the EU you are able to use your mobile, phone calls, texts and internet completely free! Sounds too good to be true but it’s the truth! Three like to call it “Feel at Home”. I’ll be doing more posts on Three but I wanted to give you a little introduction first so stay posted!


Ce poste est très en retard! Comme vous le savez , je voyage un peu – jusqu’à présent cette année, je l’ai visité 7 pays et je dois beaucoup plus de voyages prévus pour les prochains mois ! ( Très excitant ) Quand il vient à garder tous vous mis à jour pendant que je suis loin , je ne pouvais pas le faire sans trois . Ils disposent d’une connexion Internet ultra-rapide , un excellent service et des tarifs incroyables . Pour tous mes lecteurs au Royaume-Uni , lorsque vous voyagez au sein de l’UE, vous êtes en mesure d’utiliser vos mobiles , des appels téléphoniques , des textes et Internet totalement gratuit! Sons trop beau pour être vrai, mais il est la vérité ! Trois aiment à l’appeler “Feel at Home” . Je vais faire plus de messages sur trois mais je voulais vous donner une petite introduction d’abord pour rester posté !

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  1. Nish

    Hi Laila,
    recently i have come across your vlogs and, i am startled to see before my eyes videos that are so realistic in the 21st century . I’m very pleased about your succession in reaching 100k subscribers.Both yours and your brothers vlogs are a great inspiration to me and, the insights your brother gives me on cars is useful to me as i am a car fan.Simply amazing. I hope in the future you step onto many successful stepping stones, to your bright future.
    with love Nish.

  2. Zevi

    Hi Laila and kel, been with you from day 1. So happy you’ve reached 100k subscribers!!
    Very soon it’ll be 1,000,000!! Love ur videos, so inspirational and motivational!!!

  3. Meshach

    I love your videos guys I check every day to see if a new ones out keep doing doing what you do because by the end of the year you will have far more subscribers and a bigger YouTube family I would really like have an iPhone I’m happy you did this giveaway

  4. Cameron

    Hi Laila I love you’re video’s sorry I’ve commented so late one of the best video’s is when you and your brother kel give the homeless that was so Genorus giving the homeless pizza and cookies that’s so nice its also so cool when you got yazmin a Audi r8 that’s awesome and keep up the good work for getting 131,3622 and everyone out there keep up the good work and keep on subscribing and like the video’s you are the best YouTube’s love your video’s keep it up and hope you get loads more subscribers and can’t wait to see more of your awesome video’s

  5. Andrew Albert Randy Brown

    Helloo from the other side (lol)
    😃😃I watch your videos and they’re pretty cool. With an amazing brother i’d say. So awesome. I love you guys and i’m an insane fan of yours.( I love y’all so much).
    Kudos to y’all for the great and wonderful work you doing.
    You are all such an inspiration. And you guys are literally breaking icebergs💯.
    Keep up the wonderful work of empowerment.💪

    And love you guys so much.
    Lots of love and kisses.😃😃

    Andrew Albert Randy.

  6. Bashir Shaalan

    Hi Laila this is me Bashir one of your biggest fans on YouTube I watch your vlogs daily and share them on my Facebook page I have also created a Instagram fan page and it reached over 200 followers I love you guys and will support you through the whole journey!

  7. Isaiah

    I really really like your videos especially when you fed the homeless. You and you’re husband or boyfriend need to keep it up and keep making awesome videos

  8. Alex

    I’m ashamed that there are so few comments, if any on the blog! You guys are wonderful and inspiring; passion above all else is the secret to success! I’ve been following you since video #1 – day one of post (lucky click), and I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen every video! Thanks for everything that you do Laila and Kel.


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