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Recently I was invited down to Hawaiian Tropics Sun School, which came at perfect timing as I’m jetting off to Greece and Turkey this week! Hawaiian Tropics gave me the 4-1-1 on fashion, skincare and awesome music vibes with Lauren Pope. I was extra lucky as I was able to interview Dr Maryam and gain knowledge to share with you all about the importance of sun protection. Below I have a few questions that people on snapchat sent over to me on the day of the event to ask Dr Maryam.

Q. How do I find out what my skin type is?

A. There’s some charts that you can find online, if you Google Fitzpatrick skin type. It’s a questionnaire that you basically fill out – it has to do with ethnicity, how easily you tan in the sun, hair colour, skin colour and those factors combined will help you figure it out. It is very important to know for skin protection against the sun and ageing etc.

Q. What does SPF mean?

A. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and refers to the theoretical amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned.

Q. Why should you wear SPF?

A. There are different types of UV rays. UVA rays are always present, regardless of weather. The rays permeates deeper into the skin ­causing premature ageing & wrinkling ­and it also linked to skin cancers. UVB rays causes sunburn & redness. These rays damage the superficial epidermal layers and are a significant role in skin cancers. This is why it is important to always wear an SPF regardless of the weather, rain, snow, sun… everything.

Q. What SPF would you recommend that people use?

A. I always tell people the more you put on the better it is, if you have more SPF protection at least you are covered for longer than you think you need.

Q. How does sun damage effect different skin types?

A. Melanin helps absorb and scatter UV light to protect the skin. ­All skin types are at risk of sun damage, photoageing, premature ageing and skin cancers ­ Lighter skin types are at increased risk of having significant burning with sun exposure, accelerating all skin damage and overall risk for BCC, SCC and melanoma. Darker skin types are at an increased risk for overproduction of melanin resulting in uneven skin tone such as melasma. Darker skin types are also at increased risk for skin cancers


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  1. Gillian Thomson

    Miss Laila you look amazing your shape is fierce. not a lesbian just giving you praises for working so hard on losing weight. I am on that journey now but don’t know if want to vlogg it I am about to be 35 and I think that’s pretty old to want to start a YouTube channel. lol but any way I want to be your friend lol you rock girl. keep doing what your doing and you have a new follower here. All the best

  2. khaled aka khaleds empire :)

    hey Laila! thanks for this omg! im definatly going to go and see my skin type etc. this helped alot. good luck and have fun in turkey and greece x

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