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Who knew that being in -15 degree weather in a hot outdoor pool would feel so refreshing?! This was one of my favourite features about the Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland. Their spa facility is incredible and has a beautiful view of the icy mountain tops.


Qui savait que l’être en -15 degrés sous dans une piscine en plein air chaud se sentirait tellement rafraîchissant ?! Ce fut l’une de mes fonctionnalités préférées sur la Chedi Andermatt , Suisse . Leur spa est incroyable et a une belle vue sur les sommets des montagnes glacées .

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  1. Faith

    Omdz congrats on 100k, tbh I always new your channel would get a lot of subscribers but anyways these pics are lush😍😜 I wanna go to this spar now !

  2. Coumba

    Hello! Congratulations for ur blog. I really like watching your videos, they r so entertaining! You guys are so cool😊

  3. MAJIDUL islam

    Hi there, I was watching through your YouTube videos and wanted to say that they are really really awesome and that I enjoy them soooo much

  4. Luca

    Congrats for your blog, discovered it and your YouTube channel just a couple of weeks ago, still catching up with posts and videos.
    That location in Swiss look amazing! Planning to visit it soon!
    Did you plan doing a sort of coupon/voucher/code for your followers to visit the hotel you have been? Like just a referral so we can share with you some of our experience too 🙂

    Have a nice day and take care,

    Ps Meanwhile, greetings from Italy and Rome. (:

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