Hey lovelies!

This post is something that I’ve wanted to share with you all for quite some time but wanted to try out some other products before I really found what my “skincare saviours” are!

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A Box of Healthy Goodness

Ladies, Gentlemen.. And any other species who is reading this post!
I’m finally introducing you all to one of my monthly Subscription boxes, I have a feeling you will all love this one as it is to do with a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to healthy lifestyle subscription boxes there isn’t that many floating around (that are worth buying) but FlowBox has exceeded ALL of my expectations!

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Miracle Oil

Hello lovelies, I hope you’re well!
I want to introduce you all to a great love obsession of mine, and when I say obsession I mean OBSESSION.
You must have heard of Argan Oil by now, even if it was you simply overhearing a conversation on the bus or tube or reading about it online or in magazines.

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