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Ladies, I’m completely hooked! This is my second time having my Great Lengths hair extensions installed but this time my hairdresser Heidi went a lot lighter. We used 5 different Great Lengths hair colours and threaded them through my hair in different places to add extra colour and tones. The hair extensions are extremely easy to take care of and my last installation lasted 6 months! During my last installation only one hair extension fell out which shows how durable they really are. Another thing which make Great Lengths my favourite hair extension brand is how versatile they are, I can tie my hair in a sleek ponytail, wear it curly, straight, in a bun or any other style without anybody knowing that they’re extensions (apart from you guys lol). I have my Great Lengths hair extensions installed in Harrods London by Heidi – she’s incredible!


Mesdames, je suis complètement accro ! Ceci est mon deuxième fois ayant mes extensions de cheveux Great Lengths installés mais cette fois mon coiffeur Heidi est allé beaucoup plus léger . Nous avons utilisé 5 couleurs de cheveux Great Lengths différents et les enfilée à travers mes cheveux dans des endroits différents pour ajouter de la couleur et des tonalités supplémentaires . Les extensions de cheveux sont extrêmement faciles à prendre en charge et ma dernière installation a duré 6 mois ! Au cours de ma dernière installation une seule extension de cheveux est tombé qui montre comment durable qu’ils sont vraiment. Une autre chose qui rend Great Lengths ma marque d’extension de cheveux préférée est combien ils sont , je peux attacher mes cheveux en queue de cheval élégant , porter frisés, raides , dans un petit pain ou tout autre style , sans que personne ne sache qu’ils sont des extensions (en dehors de vous les gars lol ) . J’ai mes extensions de cheveux Great Lengths installés dans Harrods Londres par Heidi – elle est incroyable !

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  1. Victoria

    Hi Laila, your extensions look beautiful. Can you share which 5 colours you used here? Looks like a mix of the ombré shades as well as standard. Gorgeous! Victoria

  2. Ayman Baloch

    I love your style Laila. Your such an inspiration to the teens out there. Your great for make up and fashion advice too! Love from Birmingham XxX

  3. lesoni kanongataa

    Hey, laila such a big fan of you !! You have a funny personality and i deeply love the way you and your brother and sister like yasmin and kal hang out like yall are like the three musketeers but love your hair its on fleek:) keep up the success in everything you guys do!

  4. saiyeem

    i always watch your vlogs every day keep up the subscribers and i absolutely love your vlogs and cars keep it up also i love the mercedes. keep up the vlogs and i hope you get 1 million subscribers.

  5. Beanieeeeeee

    Wow Ephraim Beleke pretty much took the words out of my mouth lol 💯☑ and your hair looks stunning! OMG you must be so excited to be moving to Dubai! I’m so happy for you! Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

  6. Ephraim Beleke

    To be honest Ye, You have a very very beautiful and successful Family. You have all shown me to stop worrying about the things I loose and focus on the things I need to gain.
    I hope that 100k has truly shown you how much us fans are inspired by you and your family.I hope that life brings you many exciting adventures when you move to Dubai🕌.


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