Holiday Destinations 2015

In my 23 years of living I’ve done my fair share of travelling. Some destinations have been more luxurious than others, but from each journey I have gained perspective and learned that the way I look at the world is not the way everybody else does.

Travelling has developed to become a passion of mine. It has helped me grow, created me to become a more well-rounded person and experience different cultures, religions and atmospheres around the world.

Recently, Royal Caribbean conducted a research that found the majority of people’s dream holidays in 2015 would be somewhere they haven’t been before and for this reason, I want to know where your dream holidays are for 2015!

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The Bristol Hotel

Ensuring that you get a good nights sleep is extremely important to the hotel business and is also a priority when I’m choosing a hotel to book.

Last week I travelled down to Bristol to visit one of their most luxurious hotels, The Bristol Hotel. After reading 5* reviews of this hotel, my expectations were set pretty high.

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Moon Palace, Cancun

If you are looking for an all inclusive resort in Cancun and your just not sure where you should go, let me tell you this, the Moon Palace Resort is world class. Many resorts throw around the word “All inclusive” and fail to deliver greatly!  Thankfully I am delighted to say my experience at the Moon Palace really was one I will remember always.
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