When it comes to family trips abroad I always take into consideration five key factors; good weather, a beach, delicious food, beautiful architecture and the duration of the flight. Short haul destinations are always in plus in my books and travelling with my nieces and nephews on a long haul flight can sometimes be a pain, so… the shorter the duration of the flight, the better. With this in mind and summer holidays around the corner, I want to share with you one of my favourite family friendly summer spots – Pula, Croatia.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to visit Pula than quite frankly, you’re missing out.

What drew me to explore Croatia in the first place was the warm weather, beautiful beaches and the budget friendliness! You can catch a direct flight from London Heathrow to Pula for less than £39 with British Airways. Sound too good to be true? I’ve got more for you.

Pula is located along the coast of Croatia which means there’s loads of time to ease yourself into the clear and warm waters. You can find the best beaches located in Banjole, Fazana and Punta Verduela which will give you plenty of water sports options if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

The most distinct icon in Pula is the Amphitheatre which is locally known as the area. It is from the first century and one of the best preserved arenas in the world. the Pula Film Festival is held inside the arena every summer and makes a great family day out and a very cool history lesson for everyone. The rest of Pula city has more ancient structures which are nice to walk around and snap a photo of here and there.

For family fun, Pula has you sorted. Aside from the glistening beaches and beautiful architecture there are plenty of hotels with swimming pools and sport courts to occupy the younger members of the family. Did I mention that Pula has an incredible aquarium? Kids love it and so do I. Taking a bike ride around the city or heading to the go-karting tracks is also a great option to keep everyone busy.

In terms of places to stay, there are plenty of modern family friendly hotels located in fantastic areas which you can book as a package on the British Airways website. If you would like some more space to yourself or you’re thinking of travelling in a larger group you can always look into family apartments. One of my favourite places to stay is the Horizont Resort as it’s only steps away from the beach. Typical!

Now, the best part… Food. When you travel to Pula you will taste some of the best food you’ve ever tried. You’ll be sitting in the sun, soaking up the views of the sea and scenery and then suddenly, you’ll start to understand why I said food was the best part. Along with traditional pasta, you will discover delicious seafood, stews, pastries and desserts. Basically, you won’t go hungry.

To book your trip to Pula, visit the British Airways website here.