Jimmy choo giveaway!

Thank you all for being so patient with me, I really appreciate it.

For those of you who have watched my YouTube video “I’m Back” would know why I’ve been a bit MIA recently. And again, apologies peeps but I’m back now for the long run and to kick that all off I have a lovely giveaway for you all!
This is one of my favourite perfumes which was purchased from Harvey Nichlos (or Harvey Nic’s as we like to call it here in London.)
I remember when this perfume launched in in 2013, my best friend Charlotte (who is a perfume fanatic, honestly we could build a house from her perfume collection) called me up and told me she bought me a bottle of Jimmy Choo, Flash. Of course, like any friend I was super grateful!! (This is sounding a bit like a chapter from a book.. lol) and now I’ve got my hands on another bottle!
Any who, getting back to the perfume..
The perfume was a huge hit with girls, bloggers and a few friends of mine.
It took me a little while to understand why they named it ‘Flash’ but after some magazine and beauty blog reading I found out that the bottle was designed to emulate paparazzi flashbulbs (which explains why the box is so glittery!) The box has a granulated feel of glitter covered all around it.



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Until next time